“34% of ‘Pro-Choice’ Women Who See This Viral Video Turn Against Abortion”

After my daughter Karen who had both Down Syndrome and a severe heart defect died in 1983, I never discouraged people from asking questions. Any questions. I felt the answers to the questions could educate people about the enormous gains made by people with Down Syndrome and how families and their children with disabilities could not only survive but thrive.

But one day when a nice woman asked if I had prenatal testing and what I would have done if I knew about my daughter’s conditions before birth, I changed my answer.

Instead of talking about Down Syndrome, I asked the woman if she knew how abortions are done. When she answered no, I asked her if she would want to know. Very tentatively, she said yes.

So I simply described the basic procedures as they were then done in the 1980s in each of the 3 trimesters of pregnancy. I just used simple clinical terms to describe each procedure in a short period of time.

However, this woman’s reactions were stunning. She was totally horrified and blurted out “You couldn’t do that to your baby!” She admitted that she had no idea how abortions were done before this.

Exactly the point. The real issue is not how wanted a baby is or how “perfect” he or she must be but rather how a baby must be horribly killed to “solve” a problem.

This woman’s reaction opened my eyes to the power of the truth, even if that truth is considered “politically incorrect.”

Today we have the power of the internet and other social media. Now a former abortionist is changing minds and hearts through a video about abortion on the internet that has been watched over 42 million times so far.

Please see the LifeNews.com article and video titled “34% of “Pro-Choice” Women Who See This Viral Video Turn Against Abortion”. And please share this article and video with others. Doing this could not only change other minds and hearts but, most importantly, even help save a life!