“What Does the Planned Parenthood Video Show?” and not show

One of the most compelling articles on the undercover Planned Parenthood video and its’ implications is in the July15, 2015 Atlantic magazine article “What Does the Planned Parenthood Video Show?” by David A. Graham. The article also contains a link to a much longer video of the Planned Parenthood medical director discussing the harvesting of unborn babies’ body parts in abortions.

But I have yet to see the current mainstream media investigate the companies receiving the aborted fetal parts and how such parts are used. For example, in light of Planned Parenthood’s defense stating that they only “donate” fetal tissue from abortions for “lifesaving scientific research”, note that a 2009 Washington Times article “Aborted fetus cells used in beauty creams  showed that fetal tissues have been used for non-medical and even commercial uses.

Also unmentioned by the media is the controversy about using aborted fetal tissue cell lines to grow vaccines. This is something many people would object to-or even refuse to receive-if they knew about this. (See the article “Human Cell Strains in Vaccine Development’ which also includes the National Catholic Bioethics Center’s evaluation.

Obviously, there seems to be a lot more to this story than just the undercover video.