Compassion and Choice’s lethal game plan: California Mom Christy O’Donnell Fights to Die on Her Own Terms by Katie Couric

A July 1, 2015 Yahoo News article titled “California Mom Christy O’Donnell Fights to Die on Her Own Terms” by Katie Couric ( shows that Compassion and Choices has a lethal game plan for forcing assisted suicide on the nation. Note this quote:

“Despite the growing death-with-dignity fight in various states, Coombs Lee doesn’t expect that it will find itself in front of the Supreme Court anytime soon: “I don’t think it’s reasonable to think the Supreme Court will act before the majority of states.” But Coombs Lee is hopeful that the End of Life Option Act will pass in California within three years. “It will definitely pass,” she says. “And if this legislature doesn’t pass it, there are two lawsuits working their way up.” (emphasis added)

As a nurse, I am also appalled by the implications of this quote:

“Attorney Barbara Coombs Lee, president of nonprofit death-with-dignity organization Compassion & Choices and co-author of Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act, tells Yahoo Health that those safeguards include extensive evaluations by two physicians, as well as several waiting periods, before a patient can fill a prescription for life-ending medication. Even then, Coombs Lee points out, not everyone actually takes the medication. “Every year between 30 to 51 percent of the people who have the prescriptions do not administer them,” she says, adding that many feel that the quality of their lives improves just by having the option.” (emphasis added)

So these suicidal people not only have deadly drugs themselves but also drugs potentially accessible to anyone else in their household like a grandchild whether or not these people eventually use them to kill themselves. When I was a hospice nurse, we had strict rules for accounting for and safely disposing unused drugs- especially controlled drugs. Apparently such standards are ignored in legalized assisted suicide.